The Fastest VPNs

Speed test results of paid and free VPN services. The page represents the fastest VPNs selected by the highest download speed across 17 different tested plans on July 15, 2024. All services are being tested on everyday basis.

Most fast VPN

You can see here what is the fastest VPN among all tested services. The only condition for VPN service to be listed here is to show the highest possible download speed during the testing. The list shows the top 10 of the quickest VPNs by average download speed sorted by descending.

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Fastest VPNs speed test reuslts in the last 30 days

The chart below makes it clear how the speed of VPN services is trending. The results are from June 16, 2024 to July 15, 2024.

* You can remove some lines from the chart by clicking on VPN service names.

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Free and fast VPNs

In this category, there are only VPNs that you can use for free. All of these services have different restrictions. Some have limits of maximum speed or monthly bandwidth capacity, some have to show you ads, and some do not allow you to choose a VPN server location on your own, also these services have a short list of available server locations. The faster the average download speed, the higher the result.

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Dynamics of speed test results by free VPNs

The graph below represents speed changes of the fastest free VPNs since June 16, 2024 till July 15, 2024.

The methodology for determining how fast a VPN is

My current base connection is optic fiber, ISP declared 300 Mbps download and upload channel. But in reality, I get 270-280 Mbps in both ways when running speed tests without a VPN connection.

Each day I do several tests with VPN services you see in the results above. I connect to countries that are 2000-3000 kilometers away from me and run tests with different test servers. For example, I could connect to a VPN server in the Netherlands, then I run speed tests with test servers in Frankfurt and London. After that, I connect to France, Germany, and the UK and again run tests with test servers in Frankfurt and London. The resulting speed for VPN service on the day is determined as the average median speed by all test attempts with this service.


Q: Will other VPN services be tested and added to the results tables?

A: For sure. Each month I will buy new subscriptions, and you will see more services in the future. The same goes for free ones.

Q: Do I need the fastest VPN?

A: The speed is an important factor, by the way, there are some more that you need to check. The maximum speed of your internet provider. Payment options: it could be global cards like Mastercard or Visa, local cards working only in your country, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, etc. Different available server locations you can connect to. Prices could be quite different from service to service and from time to time.

Q: How to send you a message?

A: Please send a message to